Rebranding and New Services

It’s been four years since I started practicing astrology in a professional way. Time really flies.
Since then, I have tried different ways of approaching astrology consultation and listening to what clients really want and need from this amazing tool.

Like any beginning, I was not clear how to do some things. One of them was how show myself, later on I understood I was trying to define my branding. I wanted to bring the other part of me that I did not show.

The name of Spark and Light arose reading one of the messages of Abraham Hicks in which he said. We are sparks of the universe living on this planet, and that we are part of the same source. That message left me reflecting, and I said to myself, yes, we all have that little spark within us, if we contact it then we can enlighten our lives. That’s when I told myself, that was it! The spark of the universe represents the cosmos (astrology), and that inner light that we must ignite is what the coaching brings, to help us contact that energy, the potential and capabilities that we have within us.

And so, I simply found the new name that represents what I want to offer to those who are interested in self-discovery. Those who know me are aware of my love and connection with plants.

For me, they represent other “sparks” of the universe that are with us to accompany us. They, like us, need care to develop and give their best. Symbolically, they are a reflection of us how fragile, strong and beautiful we can get to do. I have seen that growth, development and flowering through my clients who have accompanied me all these years. I owe this inspiration to them.

Uniting astrology and coaching is the organic evolution of my astrology services. It happened that after an astrological consultation, the person (and me) was left with the feeling of lack of continuity and not knowing how to develop the discoveries that arose during the interpretation of his birth chart. Thus, the two services (packages) of astrology and coaching were born. They are designed for those who want and have the need to go beyond an astrological consultation.

Another novelty is the incorporation of more than one language. This is due to the fact of living in Montreal and its cultural diversity, so I decided to take the step of communicating in the three languages I speak here. It may not be a perfect way, but enough to make my fourth language known: astrology. Without further ado, I let you navigate this website and contact me here.

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