What is Astrology ?

Surely this is the first question you are asking to yourself when entering this site. The definition can be very deep or too light (and even controversial).

However, I will simplify it for you by giving you my own interpretation.

Astrology is a tool used since ancient times that has managed to prevail until our modern times, it has been used as a consultation to get an idea of the coming, as well as to understand the situation that is being lived.

Astrology has different influences, knowledge and techniques developed by some cultures throughout human evolution. The oldest records have their origins in the sumerians, then followed by the Babylonians, Egyptians, Persians and later the Greco-Roman, which is basically the astrology we know today. In the last 10 years, there has been a revival of Hellenistic astrology, thanks to the hard and thorough work of excellent astrologers, professors and other professionals who have been given the mission of translating and rescuing the legacy left by our ancestors.

Studying astrology is a task that requires dedication, reflection and observation, studies can cover other disciplines, such as history, psychology, geography, mathematics, logic, politics, philosophy, economics and in our digital age, knowing how to organize and synthesize all that Symbolic language in a way of simple understanding.

It seems super complicated, but it is not, just that it takes time to exercise it.

Maybe you are not interested in learning all that to know your letter. You do not really need it.

Thanks to the information process that we have not forced to simplify, you can have at hand the basic and necessary concepts to understand your birth chart and planetary cycles. This is not magic. However, much it may seem, there is a part of rationing. The magic in astrology is to see the correlation of the universe with your life.

Having the basics, you can use astrology as self-inquiry to have a type of guide which you can use when you need it. It is up to you to decide what to do with this information.

Today there is astrology for all tastes and colors. And like everything, there are professional astrologers, very prepared, who are constantly studying and with years of experience. On this site, I offer you a professional, transparent and honest astrology.

Here you will not find anything paranormal, but if a space and the opportunity to see yourself and your life from the birth chart, knowing you will be to create your own magic.

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