Full Moon in Leo

The full moon reflects the sun’s rays on the surface of the moon. We could say that it is a hug between the two luminaries. When this moon phase occurs, the Sun and the Moon meet on the same axis, that is, on the opposite signs. For example, today we have the Sun in the sign of Aquarius and the Moon in the sign of Leo.

The full moon symbolizes the maximum splendor of the moon, nothing is under darkness, everything is illuminated, and it is a time to reflect and gather what was initiated during the new moon, which happens two weeks before the full moon.

Leo is a fire sign represented by the lion. This symbolizes strength, character, nobility, courage among other things. In the stories of The Twelve Works of Hercules, the first episode relates the first work of Hercules, which consisted of killing and obtaining the skin of the Nemea lion. The story describes the courage and insight that Hercules had to strangle the lion with his own hands. After removing the lion’s skin, he used it as an endowment and wore it as an accomplishment of his feat. It is a metaphorical description of what the sign of Leo symbolizes.

Checking in detail, the sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun. In our solar system it represents the center of the galaxy and where all the planets revolve around it. If we consider that individually we are on a smaller scale a microcosm, the sun would be represented by what makes us keep the whole system moving: the heart.

As I mentioned previously, the Sun is in the sign of Aquarius. This sign represents collective wisdom, innovation, freedom and humanity in general. Sometimes this sign is linked to the Greek myth of Prometheus, which tells how this Greek god steals the flame of knowledge from the other gods and gives it to mankind so they could think for themselves and face the Gods of Olympus. In modern astrology Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus (revolution, lucidity, freedom). However, in ancient astrology, Saturn is the planet that ruled  it (authority, order, reality), in both cases they are forces that invite us to see things as they are and  changing their point of view.

The moon in astrology mainly symbolizes the unconscious, emotions, intuition and the feminine principle. It is our inner world that only we have access to. If I considered all that I mentioned previously, in a very simple way I resume that the moon in Leo invites us to see within ourselves, to hear our hearts, reflecting on the experience for the last two weeks and to recognize the our inner strength.

Considering your experience for the last two weeks, ask yourself:

 What am I able to do and feel proud of it?

What new information around me allowed me to realize my abilities?

What am I proud of?

Is there anything about me that seeks more freedom?

Today is an auspicious day for meditation or internal reflection, if you have the opportunity, ask yourself these questions

Right now, there are other important planetary aspects to keep in mind, and the full moon is only a portion for a more complete interpretation.

Regardless, it doesn’t stop you from taking a moment to listen to your heart and contact your inner strengths.

I would love to hear your comments and if you have something to share.

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