In Times of Crisis, Creativity and Opportunities Emerge

Until a few months ago, we believed that the world was connected on a digital level only, limited by boundaries, beliefs, and social status. With recent events, facts show that we are connected more than we thought than we thought.

If a micro-organism that followed in the footsteps of some people, today it has managed to reach places of any kind without respecting visible and invisible barriers.

It has affected us all in some way or another, it is not a matter of a country, an ideology or a religion. We are together in this.

In the astrological community we have been following the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, which marked the beginning of great changes for the world. In January I wrote that 2020 would be a year to change perspective, which gave us an idea of what it looked like. Now we are in the second phase, the change began to take possession and has our full attention, that is, we will begin to realize the social, economic, emotional and spiritual impact that the coronavirus pandemic has on each of us.

At times like this marked by a crisis, disruption and despair we are forced to look for other alternatives, to be creative with the resources that are within our reach, and that is when we discovered a part of us that we had no idea of its existence. . This sounds easy to say and difficult to do at the moment.

With the coronavirus pandemic, we are forced to isolate ourselves and be virtually alone. This could be an advantage to reflect on the area of our life that is being most affected by this situation, and ask ourselves the question:

What can I do differently to cope with all this?

For example, if you are forced to work from home and have never done it, perhaps you should digitize some notes instead of using paper, or learn a new application that allows you to be in contact with your coworkers. Or by not going to work, you can save transportation time to rest a little more and do your work with a relaxed mind. If before this situation you shared little with your children after work and now you have to juggle to work from home with them around you. Perhaps it is a good opportunity to spend more time with them and approach the relationship in a different way.

Now everything will move slower, perhaps it is the opportunity you needed to do what you could not do due to lack of time, for example, take an online course or practice meditation.

Whatever your case, the message I want to convey to you is, even if it seems like chaos or the total paralysis of your life, there is an opportunity for you. Being trapped in despair, fear and anguish is not going to bring anything positive. Search within yourself and you will find it.

The current planetary energy suggests that what is happening worldwide is just the preamble to what we will all experience this year, and it is up to each of us to learn to navigate it.

The more aware you are of the necessary changes you need to make, the easier it will be to cope with this situation in the coming months.

In my opinion, it is an invitation to grow internally and understand what your role is in the world.

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