Pause and Transition

About 3 months ago I was reading the news about a strange and foreign virus, astrologically I had not imagined that all the global reorganization suggested by planetary energies for this year was caused by a microscopic organism.

Little by little the news about a possible spread of the virus in all continents appeared more and more every day, until one day and suddenly everything around me stopped. A mandatory pause was the government’s recommendation.

After installing my new routine and in conversations with family and friends spread all over the world, I realized that we were talking about the same thing. It seemed curious and at the same time strange that we all became part of the same environment.

It does not matter in which country we are living the same, almost overnight we went from being individualistic, regional, nationalistic to realizing that we are human beings who live on this planet and that all of this is affecting us equally. In the astrological community, the year 2020 was expected with great expectation, as planetary movements that suggested a global reorganization were expected. We started the second quarter of the year and many things have changed and will continue to change.

It is a historical moment in the modern era, where we have the opportunity to be aware of the metamorphosis that is happening. A profound change is taking place globally in all areas, it is like a science fiction film, only in this film we are participants even if we do not want it.

Beyond what has caused the Covid 19 virus, I think that the most important thing is the consequences of this pandemic, and it is precisely what was seen in astrology to come. The virus crisis will pass, what comes out of this is what will prevail and what we must be prepared for.

Transformations involve letting go of what is no longer working or not useful to make way for something new. It is death and birth, it is in the transition between these two stages the most difficult and tortuous, but an obligatory path to travel. We are all on that obligatory path, the best we can do is go forward and let go of what needs to be released, open up to the new and remember that this is a transition.

We have all experienced moments of transition in another context, perhaps for less time or with less intensity. A job change, migrating to another country, getting married, being a father / mother for the first time, the death of someone close to you are some examples of transitions.

These experiences can be useful in remembering how we faced it and what we did. Although what is happening today is not the same, but that individual experience we have can give us clues on how to navigate this collective transition.

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