Special Promotion – Social Distancing

The new normal is the normal.

The Covid pandemic has changed our lives, we have learned to be adaptable and creative looking alternatives solutions. The social distancing has forced us to look inward and ask ourselves questions that perhaps we would never have asked to ourselves.

This service allows you to explore your birth chart focusing on this global situation and how it impacts you as an individual.

Do you want to have another perspective on the situation and explore in which areas of your life will be affected by all this?

I have created a service specially focused to explore from your birth chart and answer this question and others. It is a 45 minute session in which we will review:

  • Life areas affected by the major reorganization
  • Other related topics
  • Short-term forecasts.
  • Natal chart (pdf)
  • Recording of the session.

Cost: CAD $ 75

*** Limited time promotion ***

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To give an accurate reading of your birth chart, your full date, exact place and time of birth, or an estimate of 2 hours will be required.

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