Hello! I am Adriana, astrologer, certified coach and IT Consultant. I have diverse interests and passions that complement what I am.

Since I was a child, I was interested in enigmatic and mysterious things, which has kept me reading and researching my whole life.

Spirituality, well-being and self-development have been part of my life.
However, I have another side that is more rational, practical and goal-oriented. Both sides help me to keep a balance in this constant change.

When I learn the astrological language, I recognized those qualities in my birth chart and the correlation with my life. I believe we are here on a journey to discover who we are and how to fulfill life as a whole person.

My own experience with astrology gave me some insights to put things in perspective and create opportunities for what I want. Because it helped me, it might help you as well.

How did I get into astrology?

My interest in astrology began during my yoga studies when I learned that our body is a microcosm of the cosmos. I was fascinated that I wanted to know more about it.  I started my astrological studies at La Grande Fraternité Universale before emigrating from Caracas-Venezuela to Montreal-Canada. As soon as I settled in my new city, I continued studying astrology, I completed the full program at the Centre d’Astrologie Psychologique  and I obtained the CAAE Diploma (Canadian Association for Astrological Education).

As I felt that I needed tools and skills to navigate the concerns of my clients, I acquired a certification as a Professional and Personal Coach by the University of Concordia.

I offer my clients in my astrology sessions a professional approach and trust environment that invites them to self-discovery, awareness and to discover their inner resources.

I combine concepts and techniques of traditional and modern astrology, offering the client to see his life from another perspective.