Let your spark light your potential

Spark and Light coaching combine ancient knowledge of astrology with the modern approach to coaching. Both are resources available to help you to self-discovery and empower to light your potential.

The Purpose

Curiosity led me to study astrology and somehow, I managed to continue on that path. I got to the point of teaching it in classes, workshops, talks, mentoring and consultations.

Both my own experience and those of my clients made me realize that something was missing, support to raise awareness of our abilities and skills to navigate our own changes, as well as to achieve our goals and dreams.



Are you looking for a light that awakens your inner spark? Maybe one of my services can help you

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Astrology services

Astrology À la Carte

Are you looking only for astrological services? I offer you different options depending on your needs. If you are interested…

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The Latest Posts

Aries: The Action, Between March and April

A widely used term in astrology is planetary transits. Which are nothing more than the movement of the planets in relation to the birth chart.

The birth chart contains the planets at the time of your birth, but they have continued to move and comparing their current position on your birth chart we have the transits.


Happy Clients

  • During my natal chart reading, Adriana identified clearly important events of my life. Some of them were the birth of my children and the shift I made in my career. Other dates and details were also described, I was satisfied with the consultation that I decided to have a yearly review with her. The progress of my new personal project coincides closely with stages Adriana described on my solar return.

    Having this experience confirmed me that we and the stars are connected“.

  • Adriana has a lot of great skills that I have been using in my professional and personal life. She gave me practical tools for decision making processes and planning. She has all the skills and qualities that any person needs at any moment in life especially in challenging situations. I look forward to continuing working with her on long term bases“.

  • I am grateful to Adriana because she allowed me to see the bigger picture of my situation without judgements. It was passing through a crisis, and she allowed to see where I had to work to improve. It was excellent because it gave me hope. I found her words very enrichment and helped me to move forward“.