Astrology Classes

For the CAAE program I teach modern astrology as it required.

However, I bled modern and Hellenistic astrology in my own practice.

Yes, I do.

Astrology Sessions

The consultations can be online via Zoom (nice and friendly platform). Also, if you live in Montreal are we can meet in person. Please indicate when you fill in the form.

If you live in the Montreal area, we can me in person. Otherwise, we meet online via Zoom (it’s a friendly user platform)

I use astrology as a tool to explore the correlation between your birth chart and your life. It helps to see you and your life from different perspective, combining it with coaching resources helps you to explore (and discover) your own resources, creativity and an awareness.

I will not tell you what to do neither how to solve your problem. But, I will accompany you using coaching tools so that you can find the solution within you.

During the coaching session I will be using some coaching tools and at the end of the session. After that, you can have only coaching sessions with me if you wish so.

I use some forecasting techniques that will give you an idea of the planetary energies you are or you will be, but how you react to them it will depend on you. My purpose is to help you creating your own awareness.

The natal chart or birth chart are the same. It is like a picture of the planetary position at the moment you were born.

Through an astrology session will hear about your qualities, strengths, areas for growth and planetary cycles you are or will be passing through. It will give insights and a different perspective, and then it’s you who decide what actions to take.

It gives you an idea of the phases of your life. How you will react or act in theses phases will depend on you. It’s like the weather forecast for tomorrow, you know it will be a rain and it’s up to you what to wear (i.e.: umbrella, rain coach, rain boots, some of these items or none of them)

Not, I don’t. Sorry about that!

Coaching Sessions

Coaching for me is a process that invite the person to be present on the here and now, self-discover, to self-awareness and unlock the person’s potential. In this process person learn about himself rather the coach teach something (i.e.: fix a person problem).

Coaching definition from ICF:

ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

International Coaching Federation

I am glad you ask.

The birth chart will help you to see your life and yourself from a different point of view, also understanding how the planetary cycles are correlating with your personal journey. It is possible things will emerge, I will be there accompanying you to navigate your changes.

That’s why I have separate sessions. The first session we have together, I will use mostly astrology and I apply some coaching tools to help you and me to have an understanding of you and your life. I use astrology as a tool for self-discovery.

Because after our initial meeting you will questions, insights, thoughts that you would like to work on, then we will have coaching sessions for that part.

I offer you two packages: Discovery and Unfolding, both of them contain astrology and coaching session. Otherwise, it’s completely fine just take one of my astrology sessions.

Yes!, I am certified Professional and Personal Coach by Concordia University.

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