Are you interested to explore your birth chart and understand how it is related to your life?

Do you want to have other perspectives for your current changes?

Astrology is a tool that helps you to see your life from another angle and invite you to a journey of self-discovery, self-empower and awareness in your own personal development.

Adriana is accredited astrologer and certified professional and personal coach. After many years of working in information technology (IT), she incorporates her professional experience , organizational skills with her transparency. Astrologically speaking, she uses the resources of her Saturn in Taurus and her Moon and Mercury in Scorpio.

Choose from one of her services below.

Discovery Package

My three months program includes a personal astrological session and coaching sessions. This package was designed to help you discover who you, and your sense of purpose. Do you seek more personal meaning and ...
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Unfolding Package

A six months program that includes a personal astrological session and coaching sessions. This program is designed to examine a year ahead of upcoming developments in your life and empower self-discovery and be resourceful ...
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Natal chart and year ahead

Natal Chart and A Year Ahead

A holistic approach that covers a comprehensive understanding of the natal chart, the main life cycles the person is in, the coming cycles and transits. This session is very insightful and will offer you ...
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A Year Ahead Forecast

In your astrology year ahead session can provide a guide and a perspective to help you make the best choices for your own growth and personal evolution. You will hear strategies to help you ...
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Relationships (Synastry)

Synastry is an astrological technique that analyzes two natal charts to understand how the two individuals relate to each other. I use this technique for couples, mother and child, father and child, siblings, friends, ...
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Follow-up or Specific Question

This is a service that is available to you in case you have a specific question or want to follow up with me on any of the topics discussed in your astrological session. It ...
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Mentoring – 101 Astrology Classes

As a teacher of CAAE (Canadian Association for Astrological Education), I offer to mentor classes to prepare you for any of three levels: basic, intermediate or advanced level. If you are interested to prepare ...
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