Synastry is an astrological technique that analyzes two natal charts to understand how the two individuals relate to each other. I use this technique for couples, mother and child, father and child, siblings, friends, business partners and any relationship. This will help you to have insight and comprehension of the relationship.

In order to be prepared for the consultation, I need the birth data for each person (date, time and place of the birth) and the type of relationship. To be meaningful and learn from the relationship it is important both people agree and be present in the session.

On the session is scheduled, it can take place in person or online (Zoom platform). The duration is 90 minutes.

The clients receive the audio (.MP3) session recording after the session.

Cost: 250$ CAD

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In order to give an accurate Astrology reading, your full date, place, and exact time of birth or 2-hour estimate will be required.