My three months program includes a personal astrological session and coaching sessions. This package was designed to help you discover who you, and your sense of purpose.

Do you seek more personal meaning and fulfillment? Do you feel unaware of your strengths and talents? this program would be an ideal investment toward self-discovery, creating and living an empowered life. 

After our initial session, we will examine your birth chart with a Natal Chart and A Year Ahead astrology session that describes several aspects of your personality and life. We will discuss from the astrological point of view, how your birth chart is related to your personality. We explore significant past events, the upcoming cycles and the planetary transits, and how all this is related to your questions and current situation. This session is very insightful and will offer you a perspective to a deeper understanding of who you truly are as an individual.

The coaching sessions that follow will be devoted to self-discovery, developing strategies that will help you to navigate all unfold. The tools, guidance, and resources provided will further empower you to manage any necessary adjustments with increased confidence.

After our time together, you can check back in for a free follow-up session to see just how far you have come along your journey.

Package includes:

  • 90-minute Natal Chart and A Year Ahead astrology session
  • 6 coaching sessions – 45-minutes each 
  • A free 30-minute follow-up call

Investment: 630$ CAD or 3 x 229$ CAD

Schedule a free call to discuss the package and your needs. The coaching sessions will be scheduled after the purchase of this package.

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In order to give an accurate Astrology reading, your full date, place, and exact time of birth or 2-hour estimate will be required.