This is my first Astrology course, and I could say that I gained some knowledge and experience because there are many things to learn. Adriana is a great teacher and astrologer. She is always willing to assist you and provide you with additional material. Her classes are well-organized and inspiring you to continue. I enjoyed a lot this experience.


We had a wonderful experience discovering ourselves through Adriana’s use of astrology. She has brought to our attention traits and events that we now realize how significant they are in our lives. At the same time, each year we have an interesting preview of what is to come for each of us. All this through a very open, friendly and sincere interaction. Something also very interesting for us is besides the astral chart for each of us, she created a chart for us a couple. All together, we now understand how we act,  are perceived and we are better informed on how to handle our lives.

German and Paul

Adriana has a lot of great skills that I have been using in my professional and personal life. She gave me practical tools for decision-making processes and planning. She has all the skills and qualities that any person needs in any moment in life, especially in challenging situation. I look forward to continuing working with her on a long-term basis.


During my natal chart reading, Adriana identified clearly important events of my life. Some of them were the birth of my children and the shift I made in my career. Other dates and details were also described. I was satisfied with the consultation that I decided to have a yearly review with her. The progress of my new personal project coincides closely with stages Adriana described on my solar return.

Having this experience confirmed me that we, and the stars are connected.


Adriana’s astrological report and consultation are extremely helpful to give a better understanding of feelings, emotions and thoughts we experience in our daily life. She has a systematic approach that touches the most important areas of our life, and at the same time uses an easy-to-understand language. She is awesome!


My experience has been satisfactory. Adriana prepares a precise and comprehensive analysis, that provides us with tools to guide us better through potential obstacles and situations we may face in our life.


I am grateful with Adriana because she allowed me to see the bigger picture of my situation without judgements. It was passing through a crisis, and she allowed to see where I had to work to improve. It was excellent because it gave me hope. I found her words very enrichment and helped me to move forward.