Curiosity led me to study astrology and somehow, I managed to continue on that path. I got to the point of teaching it in classes, workshops, talks, mentoring and consultations.

Both my own experience and those of my clients made me realize that something was missing, support to raise awareness of our abilities and skills to navigate our own changes, as well as to achieve our goals and dreams.

I obtained the certificate of Professional and Personal Coach, acquiring the skills and knowledge to complement my astrology practice.

So, I made a mixture of my astrology studies, the vast experience in information technology and my experience of restarting a life in another country, to offer you a professional, honest and integral service.

What is the purpose of this site?

Offer you the combination of astrology and coaching tools in a clear, professional, practical and honest way, that invites you to self-discovery, empowerment, and self-awareness of your abilities. In other words, through these tools, you discover your spark that illuminates your life.

That’s the reason why Spark and Light was born!